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Fly High 15x & 20x and Fly High Fire Review

Reader Review:

Fly High 15x
Fly High 20x
Fly High Fire

Big Thanks go out to http://buyeverythingforless.com for providing these samples to one of our readers!

Today we are going to review 2 products of the same distributor; fly high and fly high fire.

Fly high (not fire) has 10 unique flavours (white chocolate, brownie, grape, hypnotic, kush, blueberry, original, watermelon, chocolate mint, kiwi strawberry) and 4 different strengths, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, in 2 different sizes (2 gram and 4 gram, similar to smoking dragon). Of these, i was sent the blueberry 20x, kiwi strawberry 15x white chocolate 20x and original)

Firstly, i'll start with the kiwi strawberry. Being the smaller of the heavyweights, i expected it to pack a small punch. 3 hits in i lay it down, severely mistaken. This product is easily comparable with the best i've tried as a strong mind oriented high. The single most intense feeling i got was relaxation. The relaxation i felt from this product, coupled with the pain relief (wisdom tooth coming in, havent had anything else get rid of that pain) made it a great night-time high. The effects are quick and constant, with the slowing of the mind, followed by a slight euphoric uplifting. The effects lasted a good 30-45 minutes, leaving you without the headache you so often get from the cheaper brands.
The flavour itself was interesting, not being the biggest strawberry fan i was still pleasantly surprised, it did not smell of the artificial strawberry scent i so often find, instead it actually smelt like fresh strawberries. I'm guessing the strawberry overpowers the kiwi, but perhaps that is what tones down the artificial scent.

After the kiwi strawberry i tried the white chocolate, and man was i glad i did. This was the big brother to the 15x kiwi strawberry, and it definitely felt like it. The effects were intense, skipping the relaxation period completely it left me in the "what the hell is going on" zone, with my concentration increased ten-fold, finding myself staring at the ingredients list of my Dr Pepper and thinking it was the most interesting thing in the world (wtf is caramel colour as an ingredient anyway?). The flavour was delicious. It smelt like white chocolate and opening the tube meant the whole room i was in smelt wonderful. If i could have eaten this flavour i would have. When burning, the flavours are not retained like most aren't, however my wife did mention that the usual "sickly sweet" smell from burning synth was non-existant, instead just smelling like burning herbs.

The 3rd of these i tried was the blueberry 20x, which was pretty much like the white chocolate except it was obviously blueberry. The scent is strong, overpowering even. If you have ever smelt concentrated blueberry cordial/juice (kind you dilute) or tinned blueberries you will know what i mean. I do like my blueberry flavours, and this one pleasantly surprised me as out of the several dozen brands all in blueberry flavours, this is still a unique blueberry. The final flavour i tried of fly high was a 15x original. I honestly have no idea what scent this was, it was sweet, citrusy and spicey, nothing at all like the usual "original" flavours which are just generic pineapple/mango/grapefruit "kush" smells.

Moving onto the Fly High Fire, the newest line from the Fly High creators we start with their new mystery flavour, in the 15x. The smell of their mystery flavour is a chocolate flavour, in my opinion. Perhaps chocolate strawberry? Certainly less sweet smelling than the white chocolate so i know it was not that. Whatever it was, it was again fantastic. Smelt like opening a bar of fresh belgian chocolate. Next i tried the blueberry, and it was exactly the same scent as the original fly high blueberry as far as i could tell, though perhaps a little more subtle. The effects of the fire were pretty much exactly the same as the original fly high, with perhaps a slightly more euphoric feeling from the fire, not just the relaxation. Out of the two products, i would say the original still packs the biggest punch, but the fire is very very close behind it, and as a 5 gram 15X container is only 19.99 over at https://buyeverythingforless.com/ right now, it is now my new daytime high; Cost efficient, superb effects and still leaves you functionable if needs arise.


PACKAGING 9.5/10 - I really liked the label on this one, as it listed all of the available flavours and strengths. The logo is clear and easy to spot, and the lid has a big 15X sticker on the top. My one gripe with the label of this is that you only know its 15X from the label on the lid, lose the lid and it was difficult to remember if it was 15x or 20x (when review time came). Fire states the strength on the tube label and i like that better.

AROMA/FLAVOR 9.8/10 Would have been full marks, but i'd like to give them some room for more unique and interesting flavours, perhaps a cinnamon roll? lemon meringue?) The white chocolate was amazing, the original was a nice surprise too.

EFFECTS 9.9/10 Not for the faint hearted, the effects are intense and long lasting, almost entirely in your mind. The 15 and 20 strengths i would reccomend only to veterans, try the smaller strengths first if you are new.

OVERALL 9.8/10 This is definitely an amazing product, and i would say even slightly stronger than its company rival, fire. The problem with this one is that yes, whilst it is slightly better than fire, it is also over twice the price for a 20x tube of fly high over a 15x tube of fire, over at https://buyeverythingforless.com/ - i would perhaps buy a couple of grams of this and use it for special occasions, and use fire as my day-to-day high.


PACKAGING 9.6/10 - I like the fact they list the strength and ingredients on the label of the fire, but i do dislike the fact that they removed the list of other flavours available (its a tiny thing, but in such a cutthroat market, advertising your other products on the one you have is a good idea.)

AROMA/FLAVOR 9.5/10 Their appears to be even less choice for flavours of the fire than of the original, something i was disappointed by, but the mystery flavour did make up for the lack of white chocolate fly high fire. Its the limited choices of flavours here that mark it down half a point, perhaps if not more flavours than certainly more unique flavours would make this product much more appealling (everybody does a strawberry, blueberry, grape, candy cane generic.) One area they could improve this product is with the uniqueness of their flavours.

EFFECTS 9.8/10 Slightly less potent than the original, but by no means to be taken lightly. Personally i loved this product, the 20x original fly high was nice, but it certainly is not one to use when you have things to do. The fire on the other hand, does give you that slight uplifting feeling on top of the relaxation effects, and i personally preferred the fire due to cost and functionability.

OVERALL 9.9/10 Just slightly topping the original for me, the fire is a strong contender in the already overcrowded world of potpourri, and i am pleased to report that it has a killer punch that knocks most other products out in one. And after hearing that Smoking Dragon are to change their chemical mix, I may have just instantly found my replacement if that doesn't go well. Otherwise, i will likely rotate between this and the dragon - the dragon does have the body effects that the fly high doesn't, but i know many people that would love this product purely because it has no body high.

In short, i loved the original and if the price of it came down to be more reasonable when compared to their fire (20x is $55.99 for 4 grams) i would definitely prefer it, simply because that white chocolate was amazing. But i can't justify spending nearly 3 times the price and getting less product than for the 15x Fly High Fire, at $19.99 for 5 grams, so for me, the fire gets this, but only barely.

The Fly High Potpourri company has made some quality products with a great potency. With that being said they should be used sparingly and with caution.

We are also please to add Fly High to our Top Shelf list.



Strawberry Mad Hatter Incense Review

Reader Review:

Strawberry Mad Hatter Incense (Note: This was a counterfeit product)

My name is Derrick and I am from La. We have the strictest and craziest rules down here, but I am still able to get quality incense thanks to your website. I thought I would try my hand at writing a review. However, most of the products I have tried are due to reviews from your site! I am interested in free samples, so I thought I would send you my review of a Counterfeit Strawberry Cloud 9 Mad Hatter!

Remember when you could purchase incense, and just pack the packaging you could tell if it was going to be a good product or not? Yeah...me either. Before I begin this review, I would like to say a little blurb about incense. Say what you will about salts, glass cleaners, and other alternative collectors items, but the herbal incense market is one that tends to consistently deliver quality products. Also it can be said that we incense users are a rather tight community. Throughout all the legislation, bans, and formula changes, an individual can still find an herbal blend that they can call their own. There are truly passionate individuals devoted to producing a quality product(I'm looking at you Mr-Nice-Guy), and then there are people who piggyback others success and you end up with a 5 gram bag of pencil shavings.

The Product:
So as a resident of LA, I am unable to walk into my local headshops and purchase away. My state would rather allow us to have drive through daquiri shops. Nevertheless, my wife and I made a sojourn about 2 hours up the road where it is legal and made some purchases from a headshop. One this day he offered me two products (Kush Apple), and (Cloud 9 Strawberry). We purchased 11g of Kush Apple, and 3g of Cloud 9 Strawberry. And it is at this is the point where I wish I would have paid attention to the little sticker. I remember reading a review for Cloud 9 on this site and I was very excited to try the product, but when I returned home I was in for an even better one(it wasn't better)

The Experience:
So it is me, my wife, and our 3 gram bag of Mad Hatter. Examining the packaging of the product I was very impressed. The Cloud 9 logo was prominent, as well as the graphics on the bag. Opening it up however I was treated to the rich scent of decaying dreams. It smelled like a strawberry pencil doused in swan tears. The actual plant material looked and felt like pencil shavings. There was a coarse quality to them, imagine stepping on a leaf baking on a sidewalk and you will have matched the feel of this product. Even attempting to separate the product for use resulted in long strands of attached wood like plant material. I have never personally tried the Mad Hatter products before, and I am including this time as well because this could not have been a Genuine Cloud 9 product. The smoke is harsh, and uninviting. If you are a seasoned incense burner then you will feel enough to change your mind about trying this again, and if you aren't seasoned then Congratulations because this is who they are marketing it to. I, as did my wife, felt more clouded thoughts than any real euphoria. It lasted for about 1 to 5 minutes with re-ups needed often. 

The Conclusion:
This experience has taught me to do my research. http://cloud9blend.com/alert.html shows that any blend other than original flavor is a fake, and whats more is the website reviewed due to selling counterfeits(where the headshop got it) does not exist anymore. This brings me to my original point, people are taking advantage of the community and suppliers. That is why it is important to check websites like these. I paid $50 for that 3 gram bag of mulch, and I would hate it to happen to anyone else. The taste was horrible, there was little to no feelings, and I risked personal safety by using a counterfeit blend.

BOTTOM LINE: If you enjoy wasting money, or just have to be that guy that does the opposite of what reviews say, then Cloud 9 Counterfeit Strawberry is for you. If not report the vendor that sold this to you and always check your vendors. 1/10

End Reader Review

We felt it was pertinent to publish this review to keep everyone one their toes about counterfeit products. As the reviewer posted their are people just piggybacking on other people success and simply copy their designs and packaging. We here at Spice University recommend this website for Mad Hatter.

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

Just a quick update as to what we are working on at the moment. I am in the process of collecting and storing as many Lab Reports as I can for different herbal products. If you are a vendor and have lab reports I urge you to send them in. Or if you are simply a customer and have any links or suggestions on where to get some reports from your favorite blends let us know. You can email us at spiceuniversity@live.com

In the next couple of days, We hope to have the Lab Reports page up and running. Page will be listed under "Navigation" on the left hand side. With companies and blends changing all the time, accompanied by law changes and bans. This is just another service we hope to start for you to let you feel more at ease when making your purchases.

Also if you have any requests for different products and their lab results just let us know and we will contact those companies directly to request their results. I've noticed most vendors and suppliers are more and willing to offer their reports as they have nothing to hide. Most of the good suppliers will already have their reports already listed on their websites.

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012

Mad Hatter Incense Discount Code

Some of you may or may not know that recently some vendors were having problems with credit card merchant processors regarding purchases of spice and incense. Well, one of the companies contacted us today letting us known that they are now up and running and excepting card card orders again.  For about the past month they were only accepting COD orders.

Why am I telling you this, why should you care?

Because, to "celebrate", the are offer a 10% discount on one of their best sellers made by Cloud 9 Incense, Mad Hatter.  That right folks for a limited time you can get a discount by using the coupon/discount code "VISA10" at BuyHerbal-Incense.com

If are unfamiliar with Mad Hatter please feel free to read our review here. And be sure to check out Cloud 9's other great products Deew, and Deversion.  As well as their newest 50 state legal blends, Primo, Crazy Eyes, and Optima.


Blue Dream Potpourri Review

Reader Review:


Blue Dream comes from KHI, who have some extremely potent products. They offer only a few select products, but all of which are quite good (to say the least). Blue Dreams is an aromatic incense, and as one may guess, it's most notable scent is one of blueberry, with underlying floral scents. To this day, it is honestly the best smelling herbs that I have smelled. The product itself does not disappoint, either.

Blue Dream contains JWH-210 and AM-2201. This was also my very first time trying any sort of legal spice i, so I really didn't know how much to smoke. I had been told to take it slow, but rarely do I heed such advice. I remember smoking like 3 bowls, and I was gone. I had Pandora on, and each song led so perfectly into the other, I could sense every organism and microorganism, I knew that I was just another one of them. Put on this earth to do some menial task, that we all exist for a purpose. Some for success and grandeur, others for mediocrity. It matters not. Everything was put into perspective, and everyone was as equals, for we are all simply a miniscule part of the entire universe.

KannaBliss is a great source. They are expedient in their delivery and very kind, courteous, and receptive to any issues. There was an instance a product was left off of my order, and I emailed the webmaster, and was not only sent that missing item, but an additional one.

It may be my nostalgia goggles, since Blue Dream was my very first, but even now, it is my very favorite.

It's definitely weaker than some such as Special Reserve and Granddaddy, but for what it is, you cannot beat the price, the product, or the result.

It is $16.99 for 3.5g, and $109.99 for 28g. You can also request a free sample be sent (no shipping paid, either). KHI defaults by sending about 1g of Blue Dream, but you may request any of their other products as well.

Rack City Spice Incense Review

Reader Review:

Rack City

Rack City is from the makers of other known products such as Barely Legal, Dose, Express, and High Octane. Rack City is 50 state legal and completely cannabinoid free (whether that's good or bad is subjective).

It comes in 7 different aromas or flavors: Original, Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Mango, Kush, and Blueberry.

Unfortunately, I was only able to try the original. Original does not have much a smell. It smells leafy, green, very flora. It is not unpleasant at all, just fairly vanilla. As per usual, the scent is subdued, hardly noticeable. One must be extremely close to the incense in order to smell it.

When lighting and smoking, again, there is a slight aroma. Much better (obviously) than cigarette smoke. It is a lofty smoke, that seems to linger in the area, and take it's sweet time in it's departure. The scent left behind is a soft, sweet, overall pleasant and enjoyable one. I imagine the flavored ones would leave behind the very same, with a small touch of fruit.

Rack City is actually fairly new, and increasing in popularity. In fact, I had actually ordered something else, it turned up out of stock, and they offered this as a replacement. I figured, why not? Since it's new(er), there isn't many reviews out there describing the effects. Obviously, since there are no cannabinoids, it's a relaxing, enjoyable, low-key time. You need not worry about smoking too much and thinking you're going to die. There is little anxiety associated with it. Actually, I think it lessens anxiety, and lowers inhibitions just a bit. Usually, I don't talk much, not that I'm shy, I'm just laid back. I like listening, and offering my advice when it's asked of. After smoking, I found myself being much more sarcastic and condescending. Challenging people. All in fun, but it's great seeing how they react when you call them on something.

It smokes pretty fast, but it only takes one or two nice big bowls (more if you...just want to) to feel good. It gives a calm, relaxing state of mind, and there is a nice body high that goes along with it. These effects begin almost immediately, and last for about an hour. After that hour, you still feel pretty good. The afterglow. You still get the munchies. You're lazy. You're content and happy. It's really a nice blend. I suggest you try it out. Nothing to lose! The more you try, the more you'll experience, and the more you'll be able to impart upon the rest of us!

As of now, it's available in 3g packages, which range from 12.99 to 14.99.

Granddaddy Purple Incense Review

Reader Review:


Granddaddy Purple touts that it contains "dense purple Indian Warrior herbal buds". Well, that certainly cannot disappoint...and it certainly does not.

Though, they are correct in that this incense does come in bud form, which is seemingly a rarity, or quickly becoming one. The incense burns slow, smooth, and quite nice. It is very relaxing. Not that fast burning incense is bad at all. Everything has it's place and time. With this, you could be toking on the same bowl for a good 10-15 minutes, and enjoy it as much as if you had already smoked a few bowls of a faster burning incense.

While it's not extremely high in it's cannabinoids, it does contain them, so you should take caution. Regardless of it you're a veteran, or a newbie. Always take caution.

It is unique in that it is the only blend on KHI to contain all three of the cannabinoids that KHI typically does. It contains JWH-122, JWH-210 and AM-2201. Total Actives:
83 mg/gram.

So that fact alone is what sets it apart. It really is the Granddaddy, as it contains everything the others do, and at the highest dosage. (Special Reserve is also 83mg/gram, but it does not contain AM-2201).

While smoking, it gives off a very unique and pleasant flowery sweetness, yet...it's somewhat bitter. Bittersweet, I suppose. You began noticing the effects after about a minute or two, and they gradually come on, stronger and stronger, with greater intensity. As said, it's a slow incline, but I find that to be part of the enjoyment of this product. It is much more of a mental high. You feel spacy, wandering, distant; yet ever grounded. This continues on for nearly an hour, and then gradually tapers off, but very slowly. You could smoke it early in the day, and be relaxed and at ease all day and into the evening (at which point you smoke some more, duh!).


Code Black Blue Label Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:

Code Black Blue Label 

Today we will be reviewing Code Black's new Blue Label incense. This is part of their gold class, along with the Black Label(these two are there most potent products).

Blue Label herbal incense

PACKAGING - The packaging was interesting - my only gripe with it being that nowhere on the packet does it say how much weight you are getting (I had to check the website and found their lowest container is 2 grams) - if I saw this in a shop I'd probably look it over for the more shouty, flashy packaged items since i'm a sucker for bright things. Nevertheless, the pop-cap packaging of code black Blue Label fit perfectly in my pocket, in a 1cm thick 2 inch long disc. The lid isn't screw on, but the pop-cap is very well designed and I never had it open on its own in my pocket, which is a good sign.

EFFECTS - The effects of this one took me by surprise. The first 3 hits were enough for me to take a pause for a while. It is a very heady, very mind-numbing high leaving you delightfully zombified after a good session. The effects are just suddenly there, not a slow creeper or a firecracker 2 minute high such as you get with some of the cheaper quality blends on the market today. Everything about this high was refreshing and different. With my experience with K2 spice, it was a shock to find something different. Sure, there are others that are just as strong as this one, but I can't think of any that match its effects completely without mix and matching. This is my favorite thing about the blue label, the fact that to replicate these effects I would have to mix various other kinds. The effects range from 15-45 minutes depending on amount consumed, only slightly less than this with prolonged use.

FLAVOR AND AROMA - The aroma of this is very much like the smell of the usual "kush" varieties - a very pineapple, melony smell. The aroma is very pleasant, and consistant when burnt in flavor as well as aroma.


PACKAGING/CONTENTS 9/10 - would have been a 10 but there were quite a noticable amount of "sticks". The pop-cap is a new type of packaging for me, and i was impressed.

AROMA/FLAVOUR 9.5/10 - I didn't give them a 10 here, simply because i'm not exactly sure what the flavour is or why it is blue. To me, i'd have made Blue label a distinctive blueberry taste. Still, their is nothing wrong with the flavor they went for.

EFFECTS - 10/10 - For this to be 50 state legal and to still give me something completely new is a feat in itself. The fact the effects are strong, enjoyable and quick to hit make this a highly reccomended purchase.

OVERALL SCORE 9.7/10 - Great packaging, smooth high with a distinct unknown fruity aroma make Code Black's Blue Label a definite addition to my collection. At around $20 for 2 grams, price falls into the mid-level price range but packs a high level punch.

With today's every changing legal incense market it is hard to find good quality products, and Code Black's herbal incense are just that. With that being said we are please to announce that "Blue Label" is being added to our Top Shelf list alongside its brotherBlack Label.

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Code Black Menthe Review

Code Black Menthe

Code Black Incense has made some recent changes including classifying their products into groups based on their potency. The classifications are Gold, Silver, and Black.  The Gold level is reserved for the highly potent Black Label and Blue Label(review coming soon). The Silver level is a slight step down with Plus and Menthe, and the rest of the great scent flavors falling into the Black level. This is not the only change that has happened at Code Black. They now have increased the amount of product you receive. The 1 gram container/price as been increased to 2 grams, 3 grams to 4, and the 9 gram container has been boosted to 10 grams.

Anyway, the Menthe provides a nice crisp, and minty flavor. The effects of this blend are much like that of the Plus blend, but with a more easier burn, that will surely take the edge off. We would like to also note that all of Code Black incense blends are 50 state legal. You may have noticed certain states have been passing new laws recently. Well, Code Black has got your back with their blends being 50 state legal. Once you mastered the "Black" level, and conquered the "Silver", feel free to to try the Gold, but be cautious has this stuff can pack a punch.

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Blue Kush Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:

Blue Kush Organic Satchet: Blueberry

I got a sample of Blue Kush, Blueberry scent recently. The artwork was decent, like the other "Kush's". Blue Kush incense is from the makers DaScents. DaScents is the makers of other herbal incense and organic sachets such as; Bayou BlasterDemon Free, andSuper Kush.

The scent after the package was breached is great. A real blueberry smell, like a piece of candy or blueberry pie. The effects of this particular herbal incense or should I say "organic sachet" was about the same as other 3G blends, a nice relaxation with a slight rush of the head. I found this one to be pretty nice on the lungs, even though It had such a strong scent. The effects start winding down around the 30 minutes mark, but a quick return to the burner fixes that. In a world of 3G's, this one really isn't bad at all, and should be tried if you get the chance...especially if you like blueberry's.They have other scents too, and I hear they are just as mouth-watering as this one. You can pick this up for about 16 bucks for a gram, and it's legal in every single state.

(G3 Scale)
Strength: 8
Scent 8
Overall value: 7

Thanks to herbalincensehut.com for the providing this sample to one of our readers.


Dankenstenin Review

Reader Review:


Recently picked up a new (to me) spice incense blend called "Dankenstein". First off, the artwork is awsome on the package, with a picture of the monster himself smoking what appears to be a self-rolled cigarette.

When you open the pouch, you are greeted to a strong scent of bubblegum. Enough of a scent to make you do a double-whiff on it, like you are holding a truly juicy piece of bubblegum. The effects of Dankenstein were actually pretty good, a nice relaxing feeling coupled with light waves of euphoria. They linger on till the usual 30-35 min mark, then leave you feeling great.This is one I would try again for sure, and you should give it a shot at least once.

Strength 8.5
Scent 9
Overall value 8

Right now there is a sale going on at www.herbalincensehut.comand you can pick this up for 16$ per 2g till they sell out, not a bad deal.


Alien Technology Organic

Reader Review:

Alien Technology Organic Sachet

This was the latest G3  blend that I have tried and I have to say, they are really improving. The artwork on the package was good, the herbs and spices were bright and green. There was no signs of sticks or stems. Which makes for an easy burn. The scent was a heavy "berry" type scent, it radiated out of the package once it was opened, filling the room. Alien Technology  comes in a variety of scents including: Original, Pluto, Galactic Grape and Cosmic Punch.

The effects of this spice incense were decent, with a nice heady type feeling that blasted off at about the 30 minute mark, leaving you light on your feet and not tired at all. 

This is yet another example of even the lesser known companies are stepping up to the late for the G3 rush.This product is in a lineup of G3's that are basically around the same strength. However, this one seems to last a bit longer and have slightly differen't effects. One of my favorites of the G3 so far. This k2 spice blend is also seems to be reasonably priced at $17.95.(Don't forget to use the special discount coupon code "SU10".

I will only compare to other G3's I have tried.

Strength   8
Scent       7
Overall Value 8

Thank you to www.herbalincensehut.com for providing the sample. 


Zombie Matter Halo Ultra Review

Reader Review:  

Zombie Matter Halo Ultra 

With it's lineup of G2's(2nd generation) being one of my "old school" favorites, I was excited to try Zombie Matter's new venture "Halo". The package is the classic "Zombie" artwork on the good ol' reusable plastic jar. If you are a fan of Zombie Matter Incense, then you know what im talking about. For those that aren't, it's a nice little jar that can be used again and again till the very end of time.

Anyways, the looks of the herbs were pretty much the same as the older version's of Zombie Matter, with the scent being not too far off either. The effects are some of the best I have seen with G3's, a nice light-headed sensation, followed by mellow relaxation. The effects seem to start trailing off at about the 25-30 minute mark, which is about the usual for G3 blends. I was kind of impressed with this blend, in a time when it's hard to get impressed with the bans out there throwing everyone's blends out of whack.

(Compared to only G3 blends)

Strength 8.5
Scent 5
Overall value 8

Thanks to: www.herbalincensehut.com for providing the sample.

*Note: The rating is based on 3rd generation blends not past 2nd generation. 


Mr. Nice Guy LMAO Review

Reader Review:

LMAO  by Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy is no stranger to the ever growing and changing world of K2 Spice, herbal incense, and herbal potpourri's.  Their new lineups seem to be considered "Herbal Burnables".  Mr. Nice Guy's  other latest release was Primo Burnables, which also has been getting rave reviews, well about as good as you can expect from 3rd generation products.

The herbal mixture is consistent with all Mr. Nice Guy incense and potpourri products, mostly marshmallow leaf(which is a good thing). The herbs are a bit on the "smelly" side and so what of a harsher burn than what I have come to expect with Mr. Nice Guy, but nevertheless this clown delivers as promised.

Having tried both Primo Burnables and LMAO, I would rank LMAO a bit stronger but a bit harsher. Where as Primo is more smoother but a little weaker, so there is a bit of trade off between the two.  Either way these both make for good new 50 state legal.

The effects produced, although short lived, are rather pleasant. I would say from start to finish the effects lasted about 25-30 minutes. Now I don't know if this is more of a placebo effect do to the name "LMAO" or from the picture of the clown but it seem to provide more of an upbeat, funny feeling. Rather than a more relaxed state. I seemed to chuckle more than usually. I experienced no bad side effects afterwards. The price was typical of what you could expect from Mr. Nice Guy.

If you're not afraid of clowns and are ready to take a trip to the circus you can order some Mr. Nice Guy LMAO from this website.

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Liquid K2 Incense Review

Reader Review:

Liquid K2 Incense

Got this product from BuyHerbal-Incense.com, along with some other Cloud 9 product that are also a must try. This is not your typical blend as it does not contain any herbs.  Rather it comes in liquid form, that is vaporized (not drank!).This liquid k2 it super concentrated and I believe on small bottle is enough for 75 doses/aromatherapy sessions. This particular variety of k2 spiceis to be used with an eCig which is the only downside as you have to have an "electronic cigarette".

Let me tell you that you can get Liquid K2 Spice in a handful of flavors which are; 42 degrees(very cool, minty flavor), Black Magic, Code Red, Role Play(Grape), and xXx. I haven't tried all the flavors yet as it takes a little while to get through a bottle, but I can tell you the role play blend has a grape like taste, and the 42 degrees has a mint flavor.

What I liked about this herbal incense.  That there was no harsh herbs to burn, only the super concentrated liquid to vaporize. It is very discrete, and can be used quickly and easily anywhere. The effects seem much stronger than normal and lasted much longer. I must stress to not over due it, especially if in public. Make sure you start slow and small amounts.  I had no headaches or other side effects that maybe associated with other variety that contain herbs. Liquid K2 is something you should check into if you are looking to take it to the next level, and you have an eCig. Also order some of the newest Cloud 9 incense products Crazy Eyes,Primo, and Optima when I ordered this stuff and I was equally impressed with all of them.

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Colorado Review

Reader Review:


Finally something else to come out of Rocky Mountains besides Coors light.  This blend is simply called "Colorado" and I'm guessing it gets its name because of the high mountains in Colorado.  Similar to the old K2 SpiceK2 Summit(another mountain).  Enough of the geography lesson folks down to the good stuff.

After placing a large order the folks at buyherbalincense.com, through in a sample of this new blend. I have tried many different blends of spice and herbal incense before and this was the first time of hearing and seeing this.  So I was eager to try it.

The package is nothing all that fancy, just a normal foil bag with a sticker placed on front... But don't let the simplicity fool you. The smell of it is kind of earthy, with a hint of "mint" smell.  Though my sense of smell was off a bit because I had a cold at the time, and my nose was a little stuffed up.

The effects are almost exactly the same as k2 summit, it's almost like they cloned summit or it was reincarnated as "Colorado".  If have not ever had the pleasure of trying K2 Summit incense give this a try.  It provided a very uplifting, euphoria feeling which lasted for about 35-45 minutes before the descend. I experience no side effects; no anxiety, no paranoia, no headaches, etc... but that's not to say it will be the same for you. Everybody can and may react differently and if you have read any reviews here or anywhere else you should have learned to use small amounts especially when trying something new and give it ample time to kick in and take effect.

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SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2012

Stoopid Review

Reader Review:


I had the pleasure of trying this brand a while back and for sometime after I could not find this blend anywhere. Recently, after reading a review of Cloud 9 Primo Incense I decided to try some from BuyHerbal-Incense.com and while placing my order they had some Stoopid in stock.  I decided to grab 9 grams since it said supplies where limited and who knows when I will stumble upon this tasty gold mine again. So thanks to this site I can now get stupid with stoopid.  I figured since you guys helped me I would give back by providing this review.

The packaging is your typical anti-static foil bag(helps from herbs sticking to the side and loosing some of that great smelling good stuff.  The artwork features a guy wearing a gas masking tagging(graffiti) the wall behind him with "Stoopid". Name is kind of a turn off to some people when they hear it, but it kind of makes you calm and relaxed.

I'm not sure what exactly the herbs used in this blend but itburns nicely and not too harsh. The smell is nothing too fancy, but that is not all that important to me. 

The effects of this herbal incense (Stoopid) are pretty strong and reminds me of Mad Hatter but maybe lasting a little longer.  It also holds in own along side of the PrimoI got as well.  Two or three "lights" is all that is need for me to get "Stoopid".  I kind of get the feeling that anymore than that may cause you a bit of anxiety or paranoia but if you keep it reasonable and don't do anything stupid it is a rather pleasurable experience.  

You can get Stoopid at http://buyherbal-incense.com.

Don't be stupid and burn with caution! Not for human consumption.

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Smokin Dragon 12xx Herbal Incense Review

Smokin' Dragon Herbal Incense Potpourri 12xx POWER


The packaging is usual for smoking dragon potpourri, the screw-capped tube with the colourful dragon on one side, the 12xx POWER running up another, with the rest covered by the consumption WARNING sign on the back and a list of chemicals it does not contain.


The flavor and aroma i got was Kush, and the usual fruity, melony grapefruit freshness was apparant in all of the new Smoking Dragon Kush's. Personally i love this flavor, and why they don't call it "grapefruit" instead of "kush", i will never know.


I am only a quarter of the way in and power does not begin to describe it. My whole self is wondering what is happening, is it body or mind. Now, i will add that i mix with tobacco and use sparingly, european style. Reduces the amount of cigarettes i buy. But i had to put this one down to write this. It is intense, comes on quick, and hits your mind first, followed by an all-over body tingle - every key stroke feels unique, each letter precisely defined on my fingertip. After writing so far, i still feel buzzed, but the body tingle is fading away and i now notice the couch lock in my muscles rather than just the mind. A truly unique and enjoyable high, which fades for me as an experienced daily incense consumer of several years in both American and European markets. I can say hands down this is the strongest of the Smoking Dragon yet, and puts their Da Bomb Keef 10xx to shame, if only by the sheer power of such a small amount. At $25 for 2 grams, it is more expensive than anything they've produced to date, but with 2 grams of the herbal 10xx going for $20 both the 12xx and 10xx are well priced, for that extra 5 dollars gets you alot of extra bang, but price can be a factor in trying something new. 10xx used to be my alltime favourite, the 12xx just KO'd it off the podium with a big lead. I hate to give a product full marks, as i would always like to see improvement, but compared to the other big names out there i just cannot think of a reason not to.


Effects 10/10 By far the most intense and enjoyable i've ever encountered, if not an experienced consumer i would not reccomend this at all. Try with the 7xx, find your limit slowly.

PACKAGING 10/10 Far as packaging go its simple and easy, no ripping too far down accidently and shows all of the information you'd need clearly. Can't fault that.

AROMA/FLAVOR/LOOKS 9/10 Here is where i think this blend could be improved - Kush, Strawberry and Blueberry are just not enough of a selection for me to give them 10. I'd love some more adventurous scents/tastes, banana, mango, pineapple cherry to name but a few. And the herbs, whilst nice and fine, do contain sticks whereas the Da Bomb Keef is stick-free.

OVERALL SCORE 9.9/10 With new flavours, this would definitely be a truly Dank product worthy of a 100%. Very impressed with this mix.

As i finish writing this, it left me seconds ago with a gentle whisper, leaving my mind and body fully refreshed and invigorated, so i leave you now to finish it off.

Vendor: Smokin Dragon

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

Cloud 9 Primo Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:

Primo Herbal Incense by Cloud 9 Incense

After reading some herbal incense reviews on your site I decided to go with some Cloud 9 Incense products for my next order. I went to the "Herbal Incense Store" where I original was only going to get the new Crazy Eyes incense and Optima Incense, but also noticed they carried the newest Cloud 9 creation, Primo. I thought well I'm at it I might as throw one in the cart. It might have been an impulse buy, but I'm glad it was.

The packaging is gold in color and also features a golden trophy. As you can see from the picture is actual called an "Herbal Sachet", and good news folks it is 50 State Legal!

The herbs used in the Cloud 9 Primo incense are nicely ground and not to overly fine. Not really any traces of stems, but I'm sure if you look and search hard enough you could find one(this is true with any herbal incense or k2 spice blend). Personally I prefer not to touch my herbs to much, as I do not like to have any of the "goodness" be lost. The herbs seemed to have been dried and cured nice so they burn nice and smooth , nothing to harsh. The smell is a nice mango smell with also almost a hint of menthol.

Primo Herbal Incense Effects

Well after using this product for a couple of days it is easy to see why it has a gold trophy on the package. Truly is the king of all third generation herbal incense that I have tried. I'd rate it up there with Head Trip and Mad Hatter and we all know how hard it is to produce 3rd gen products that can compete with older products. Cloud 9 is easily my go to company for all my 3rd gen herbal incense products from now on.
Get all of the new Cloud 9 Incense blends from the Herbal Incense store, only wish they would offer a combo/discount package where I could get all the blends at once.

Cloud 9 Primo Herbal Incense Lab Report

(Click Image for Larger View)

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White Widow Review

Reader Review:

White Widow Extreme 

I recall reading your other White Widow Incense review and thought I'd take the time to write up a review for you and your readers as well. This is for White Widow Extreme which I believe is only available from Legal Enjoy. I know there is some different vendors who may use this name white widow for their herbal incense.

The herbs used in this herbal incense blend is nothing but pure marshmallow leaf. Which in my opinion is the best and only herb that should be used when making a quality product. The white widow burns rather nice and easy, nothing harsh or chemical. 

The effects of white widow extreme are intense, and the listing as it labeled for "very experienced aromatherapists". I noticed the effects almost immediately, and I only lit one small pinch of incense. I wish I would of stopped their but I decided it light one more pinch for my aromatherapy session. My hearing increased 10 fold, and I became somewhat anxious, nothing I could not handle or to over the top.  Just something you may not be expecting if you are used to weaker blends. Since then I've been keeping to only one pinch and it seems to be the right amount for me, and keeps the effects the way I like it. 

It should really go without saying but use with caution, and it is not for human consumption. 

I always enjoy visiting your site and reading all the different reviews. 


K2 Chill Review

Reader Review:

K2 Chill

Well I am back and thought I share another product review with you guys. I original reviewed H2O. Anyway this particular blend came with a sampler pack. I was eagerly awaiting to try this blend, as I heard and read it was very similar to the original blend, K2 Summit.

Now with a name like K2 Chill you'd think(at least I thought) the package design would be a more "colder" design with ice and the color blue.  Instead, it is the complete opposite with flames and fire. But whatever, it not really about the package but what inside that counts.

I'd like to cover and get this out of the way before I continue. K2 Chill is a 2nd generation blend and therefore, may not available for those in certain states(sorry about your luck) anyway here is the list. This K2 Spice cannot be shipped to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia , Virginia, Wyoming, Washington State, Tennessee ,Texas, and Utah.

K2 Chill  Effects

I was impressed with this product to say the least. It did remind me much like the original and first gen K2 Summit.  Quick to take effect, and gave a nice brief head high before converting into a nice relaxing body high that lasted about 40 minutes. And it easy to see where the name "chill" came into play.  It made me just want to "chill" and relax. Found it better to use after a hard days work when you need to unwind. I had no ill side effects. I most also note that I did not go overboard and only used a small amount.

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Cloud 9 Optima Herbal Incense

Reader Review:

Cloud 9 Optima Herbal Incense

The team from Cloud 9 Incense has put together two new herbal incense blends, one being Crazy Eyes Incense, and the other Optima. Optima is 50 state legal and is labelled as Cannabinoid free! I believe it was created as a replacement for Cloud 9 Deversion 2.0 has the smell is almost identical. Cloud 9 actually labels this blend as a Herbal Sachets instead of an actual herbal incense.

The packaging is kind of trippy 3d artwork as if you stare at it, it appears to be moving.

The herbal mixture is typical of what you come to expect from Cloud 9 Incense and at first notice you smell as nice hint of mint/menthol. It's also been said that it has a hint of grape but I could not really smell any, but it did have a almost unique smell mixed in with the mint scent.

Cloud 9 Optima Effects

The effects set in within 5 minutes of being used. My first thoughts upon using this blend was the noticeable lack of an "eye-high". I didn't feel this in my face like others. This was in more in my chest/body. It definately is more of an ecstacy like high, than it is a weed high. I felt awake, very light, and almost airy. More euphoric than other blends.

If you are looking for a place to buy Optima and your local "headshop" does not carry it or you are looking for a cheaper source, you can always buy online and usually will get it at a cheaper price. Grab some here(Click Here), you might also want to get some Crazy Eyes to try while you're at. Just remember this is a totally different breed of k2 spice and herbal incense so take it slow, and use with caution.

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Black Widow XXX

Reader Review:

Black Widow XXX (Reformulated)


Packaging on this one looks alot like the original Black Widow, save for a green tint to the picture rather than the previous blue. And this, I'm afraid, is where the comparisons end. The herbs themselves were bright, colourful and vibrant - a combination i hadn't seen for a while (since first gen) so i was optimistic. Their are no contents listed on the back, at all, or any labelling/artwork on the back at all. The packet is your generic plastic foil-lined baggy with resealable top, and easy to tear perforation holes for opening.


The aroma was like opening a box of tea-bags and breathing in through my nose. The tea smell is so strong that if there was any other flavour in here, you can't smell it. The strangest thing is that the tea smell transfers into a tea taste, which as an englishman i was very fond of.


I was really looking forward to this blend, having previously tried the Black Widow and knew it was a contender. Sadly, the reformulated XXX fell far below expectations. A 3 gram packet costs $40, and after the initial testing, i put this to one side to eventually get to finishing later. The effects seemed to be super mild, super short and all body. The main feeling i got from this blend was laziness. I couldn't be bothered to do anything for the 10 minutes it lasted, i wasn't uplifted envigorated or anything at all. I wasn't sure if its because of my tolerance levels, or simply the product itself, so i asked a friend if they would test some for me and they reported the same - little to no effect, cept this feeling of i don't want to do anything. This, in my honest opinion, was a pretty disappointing product. I was expected Mary Joy or Da Bomb 10XXX quality, and ended up with nothing more than a generic Bayou Blaster-esque product.


PACKAGING - 8/10 - whilst not exactly free with information, the design is interesting for a moment, and you can clearly see the 3 grams on the top.

AROMA AND FLAVOUR - 8/10 - I loved the tea aroma, but it was weird inhaling the taste of tea although you do get used to it

EFFECTS - 4/10 - None of the effects i felt were particularly desired, but i can see somebody who has difficulty resting finding this product useful. It makes you not want to move, without limiting the use of your limbs.

OVERALL 6/10 - Sadly the poor short-lasting effects of this one score it poorly when stacked against other similarly priced, or even far cheaper products on the market today. See my other reviews for other choices.

Black Widow XXX is available at Herbal Incense Hut 

brought to you by Spice University


H2o Review

Reader Review:

H2O Incense

H2o comes in two forms they have their premium blend with unfortunately is only available to those of you in certain states(which I will cover a little later). The makers of H2o Incense also did not forget the people in certain states either as they have come out with a Cannabinoid Free blend (H2o 50).

You'll notice the only difference is the word "incense" is replaced with "50", as in 50 state legal. It easy to see the difference between the two and if you are able to I would opt for the 2nd generation blend rather than the 3rd gen (50).  But the the H2O is not a complete let down as provides a nice alternative and addition to products current available in 3rd generation market, as it easy to see why it has become a good seller.

What states can H2O NOT be shipped to? Well currently if you live in the following states you are out of luck and will have to try the new blend of H2O 50.  
The list is as follows:
Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, West Virginia , Virginia, Wyoming, Washington State, Tennessee ,Texas, and Utah.

This blend is described as Legal, Powerful and Organic.  The herbal mixture is consistent throughout after several package there seemed to be not "hot spots" nor "cold spots". Very few stems which is always a plus.
The effects should become easily noticeable after about two minutes.  First thing I noticed was in the head followed by a transition to the body. The effects lasted about 45 minutes which is good considering I'm a frequent incense burner. Please note that as with all products that they are not for human consumption so they should be used with extreme caution.  Especially if it is your first time with a particular brand or first time in general.

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Da Bomb Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:


Here we are again with another product from the creators of Smoking Dragon; Da Bomb 10xxx, herbal keef.
Vender: http://www.smokindragonincense.com/index.html


The packaging of this is exactly as you expect from Smoking Dragon-type brands, a 2 inch high tube packed tightly to the top with a screwcap lid.
Normally this is where I would be saying how great this is, but with the keef, I found the ridge that the cap sits on is a nightmare with the keef. Since the keef is a very finely powdered material, you will find it next to impossible to get this out of the tube without leaving a shelf of waste product on this lid, which then over time grinds over the grooves above making the lid harder and harder to remove. Not only that, but I'd end up leaving rings of dust around the tube whereever I set it down, which was also really annoying. I actually found this so much of a problem that I poured it into a container for an old product that was far easier to access after 3 tests.
The info is still the same, lots of warnings and product info, the logo is generally bomb-shaped with 3 X's in the middle, which is a neat touch.
The contents of the package itself is amazing - you get alot of product for your money, since all of it is usable product.


The flavor I received of this was the kush; which somehow was very different from the Smoking Dragon kush I have tried previously. The smell you first are hit with is grapefruit. No mistaking it, you cut up a grapefruit and squeeze it into a glass, smell your hand and you will smell this exact same smell. Its citrusy, tangy and sweet. Overall i really liked this flavour, and it transferred incredibly well into taste, but losing its sharpness of smell for just a sweet spicy flavor.


This is where Da Bomb really shines. The effects of this one took me completely by surprise the first time round, managing to only get through half of the first test before taking a 20-30 minute break or so. Once i knew the strength of the product, I was better able to test it and with consecutive testing, I found that the effects were every bit as good as Smoking Dragon 10xxx, if not slightly more intense; so for a more in-depth effects recount find my review of that.
The difference I found with the Da Bomb over the Smoking Dragon is that from the moment you finish consuming Da Bomb, it seems to gradually wear off. After that first time, it never crept up on me, or kept me at a particular level for very long. Luckily, the level it takes you is incredible. Smoking Dragon 10xxx is my favourite Potpourri, but Da Bomb is only marginally behind. I like the longevity of Dragon but the power of Da Bomb is not to be ignored. I can honestly say i haven't had a product capable of taking me beyond my own comfort zone with the first consumption, and only a handful have had the honours of putting me out like that. What i like best about this product is that it seemed to last at least 50% longer than the equivilant sized Smoking Dragon would, simply because I had no sticks to discard, despite the loss of product i mentioned above.


PACKAGING 7/10 - The screw-top cap just didn't work with such a finely ground product, perhaps a lip-less tube or a pop cap would help this, all in all, its a small issue that can easily be dealt with.

FLAVOUR AND AROMA 8/10 - Not sure why its Kush, but the grapefruit flavour that was contained in this was great.

EFFECTS 9.4/10 - I thought long and hard whether or not this product was better than their 10xxx Smoking Dragon, and i decided it was marginally inferior primarily due to the longevity and its user-friendliness - this one is really not to be taken lightly.

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Mary Joy Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:



The packaging for Mary Joy is hilarious. The product name is gigantic, easy to read as it the net weight. On the back, they list the herbs they use, except they use the latin names, such as Althaea Officinalis which is just common ol' marshmallow leaf, or Verbascum Thapsus which is just mullein and Turnera Diffusa which i bet half of you guessed is just damiana. So, the products in this are the same as any other, despite the latin names. Not entirely sure why they did this, it's more confusing than it is helpful. I also believe ingredients that are unrecognised are potentially harmful, in the case of any allergic reactions from the herb themselves. (had a friend that was allergic to marshmallow leaf).
Other than the confusing latin contents, the packaging is bright, cheery and constant. No EXTREME DANGER warnings, no boasts of strength, very unassuming.


The aroma of this one was very sweet, fruity. From mango, through to orange and into lime. Its unique to any other blend I've smelled, and I really liked it.
The flavor didn't really port across from the smell, but as with many of the sweeter, fruitier smelling blends, that was pretty much expected. Taste wasn't bad, just wasn't all the aroma promises it to be.


The effects of this one hit me by completely surprise. Upon first tested, I finished, sat there, and thought "I've had 3rd gens hit me harder than this." 10 minutes later, I changed my mind. This is one that creeps upon you, without you even aware its happening at first. Firstly, your eyes become slightly more intense, then everything just feels more pleasant. The number one riding factor I got from this blend was that it made me feel pleasant and peaceful. I've had some make me grin stupidly for 30 minutes, others make me giggle at stupid stuff, but this one just made me want to hug the world. Sadly I only got 1 gram of this in my sample, and that was 2 testings, but with both testings I got the same results. 30 minutes of peaceful bliss and social acceptance, I became the most interesting person in the world in a group surrounding because my brain was just constantly linking current conversation topics to knowledge I didn't even know was in there. Overall it was a great experience, not the strongest for sure, definitely not the weakest but it certainly has its own unique effects.


PACKAGING 7/10 - I give this one 7 simply for the confusing ingredients list; anybody that has an allergy will know that to a certain plant you often rely on this information to tell you exactly what is in it. If the ingredients listed for a frozen pizza were in Hungarian and you had a pork allergy for example, you'd not buy that product. Same goes for all products in a day and age where information is used to make even the most basic decisions intelligently. Personally i promote safety in these products, and a full list of product ingredients in English would make me feel much better buying this product.

FLAVOR AND AROMA 8/10 - Lovely mango-orange aroma, is let down by the generic herb taste of the product itself. Still, I don't intend to eat it so the taste isn't really that big of an issue and the smell is enticingly good.

EFFECTS 8.9/10 - The effects are creeping, long-lasting and fairly potent, although not incredibly so. It does have its own unique effects that I haven't quite experienced with any other product, but this just isn't enough to make up for the lack of kick it packs, especially for its price.

OVERALL 8.5/10 Confusing contents, lack of aroma to taste porting, and unique effects however not as strong as i would like puts this one at an 8.5/10. Not a mind blowing product, but certainly one for the party and I'd certainly recommend it for new or casual users and even the most experienced consumers will find something different here.

This is just the plain Mary Joy Herbal Incense, not to confused with "Mary Joy Warning! K2 spice".

You can get this K2 Spice/Herbal Incense at The Herbal Incense Hut - try using the coupon code "SU10" at checkout for 10% off your order.

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Code Black Straight Herbal Incense Review

Code Black Incense - Straight Blend

It seems like a while since we dipped into the code black incense line to take a look at some of their products. This particular blend is their Straight blend all this means is that their is no added fruity flavors or scents, all you get it the smell of the herbs themselves. I feel that Code Black is more known for their different scents, and their powerhouse "Black Label", the Straight may often get over looked.  Visit the Code Black Website.

The herbs used in this K2 spice/herbal incense mixture is mostly Damiana. It is basically the same exact as their scented varieties, just with no added colors or aromas. Just blend old smell of herb.

The Code Black Incense company is known for quality and professionalism, so you can rest assure your in good hands with them. Orders are always shipped promptly. As far as strength wise, and potency of Code Black's herbal incense Straight would rank at the bottom, but still in nothing to take lightly. I'd rank their
products like this:

  1. Black Label
  2. Plus Blend
  3. Straight, Scented Blends
The Black Label is by far their strongest and should be left in the hands of only seasoned incense users.  It has been ranked by readers as 13/10 and 9.8/10.  Their Plus blend is about 3 notches up from the Straight, same smell and herb base as well.  It is up to you when deciding which one to go with, just remember that these blends are not for human consumption, be safe, and burn with caution.

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Fire Herbal Incense Reviews

Reader Review:

Fire Herbal Incense Multiple Products Review

Vendor: Fire Herbal Incense

All of the Fire products come in... simple packaging, with the blends being in little plastic see-through baggies with a sticker, on the sticker is written the weight in grams (in pen) and how many X's they rate it (Inferno was 3 X's, for example.) and written in felt-tip pen on the baggy itself was the flavour. On every single product that had this felt-tip pen written on it, it rubbed off and i no longer knew what the flavour/aroma was inside until i opened it to remind myself.
Of all of the blends i have tried, i've never felt worried carrying it in my pocket, however the packaging for this is so simple and.. cheap? that it looks like it should contain something far more suspicious.

That being said, the packaging wasn't really what i was sampling, i just think its a factor in deciding to buy more.


NEPALESE TEMPLEBALLS (jungle juice) - This was an interesting product. When arrived, it arrived as a solid round ball of hash-like produce, which easily crumbled into the keef-like product it actually is. The smell from this one was delicious - a very tropical, fruity burst of aroma. Out of the two solids i tried, this was definitely had the most pleasant aroma, and of all the products they sent was my favourite aroma. The ball was grainy and crumbled instantly, kind of felt like cookie dough.

KEEF - This was basically a tub containing crystals and powdered incense, really was unsure what to do with it at first or dosage etc. but eventually we worked it out. The smell of this one was herbal, but really didn't have that much of an aroma (wasn't keen on sticking my nose in it howver, what with it being powder).

SHIVA CRYSTALS - Same as above, tub of powdered incense and crystals. Again, no real scent to this one.

LEBANESE CHOCOLATE (apple) - The aroma of this one was instantly reminiscant of


007 Herbal Incense Review

Reader Review:


The other week I when I was ordering some products online. I noticed that the site I was getting from got in some new different blends and varieties. I decided to go ahead and take a risk and go ahead and try one of these new 50 state legal blends they had up.  This one was called 007.

Container reads, Bake N' Not Blurred... Sounds like something James Bond would say, I guess.  Anyway, this product is listed as all natural, but from the effects it was producing I've guessing it has a "secret agent".  The herbal incense comes in 1 grams and is $14.95.  

The aroma produced is not that harsh and you'll find it to be a bit of creeper as the first time I tried it, I probably used more or should I say wasted some when I really didn't need to.  Container as a screw on cap which is always good to help from making the herbs dry out to much, and keep it from spilling all over if in your pocket.

Now that I had the pleasure of trying this k2 spice blend, my only regret was not getting more when I order.  It seems that it sold out rather quick, and my local shop never heard of it (yet) and always tries to over price everything.  Anyway, I got this herbal incense at the K2-Herbal-Incense store. I've going to try some of their other newer 50 State blends as well, stay tuned for some morereviews.

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